Your Family Matters

Let us help you navigate life when times are hard.

What We Do

The Brandi Nichole Family Enrichment Center is a therapeutic foster care agency that helps families who have members with mental illnesses and are fighting not to be defined by a diagnosis or a disease. We also honor families who have lost loved ones and acknowledge their pain. As an agency we want to you to know that your family does matter and we will assist you and your family in being healthy, happy and whole.


Our Mission

  • To improve mental health, and physical health by being a catalyst to remind people that our recovery and survival is dependent on each other.
  • To embrace the spirit of family by offering quality foster care, supportive counseling, specialized therapies and coordinated care.
  • To act on our belief as a family support agency in God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit by standing with and for those who temporarily are not able to stand on their own while they recover.

About Brandi Nichole

Brandi grew up in a home where parenting foster children was a regular part of life. She was a mentor, and a mother. A life-long battle with juvenile diabetes prevented her from seeing her 27th birthday. In her short life she touched an entire community of people.

Brandi was a strong, vibrant woman of faith and an advocate for children and families. She faced many struggles and obstacles, not always making the best choices but always moving forward.  We use her strength to honor families and life.