Become a Foster Parent

Imagine a world where you are misunderstood; where people judge you because you sometimes act in ways you cannot control. What would that feel like? Would you feel abandoned or worthless? Would you begin to act out even more because you crave attention?

Unfortunately, many children who have been diagnosed with mental health needs – like bi-polar, post-traumatic stress, and ADHD – face all sorts of daily challenges. They often have difficulty in school, at home or in their community. Their parents or guardians may not have the ability or skills to cope with the behaviors. In turn, these children are left to their own devices. Without loving intervention, many of these children will end up homeless or incarcerated.

To stop the tragic cycle and create a different path, we need you! Therapeutic Foster Parents have the ability to help not only these children, but their families. Solid families strengthen our community and transform lives. That’s where loving and caring Therapeutic Foster Parents, like you, can help.  

As a Therapeutic Foster Parent you are:

  • Providing a loving and safe home environment that leads to a child having a better life.
  • Helping your foster child develop skills he or she needs to learn how to live with or eliminate their diagnosis.
  • Giving the child’s parents the time they need to regroup and learn appropriate parenting skills.
  • Part of re-uniting your foster child with his or her family – one that is stronger and more durable than before.

So, who can become a Therapeutic Foster Parent? 

You! You can become a Therapeutic Foster Parent if you:

  • Are 21 years of age or older
  • Are in good physical and emotional health
  • Have a stable home and income
  • Are single or married
  • Can help a child transition back to their family or move on to a permanent placement
  • Willing to complete required training and become licensed by State of NC
  • Willing to have patience and show support to the child in your home.

If you are interested in learning more, please complete our Foster Parent Inquiry Form today

How do we support you as Therapeutic Foster Parents?

All foster homes are licensed by the State of North Carolina Division of Social Services. As Therapeutic Foster Parents, you will be given everything you need to become licensed so you can help a child with special needs reach his or her potential.

We want to see everyone succeed – you as foster parents, the child for whom you are caring, and the child’s family.  You will receive initial and ongoing training so you can feel prepared and confident. You will also have the daily support of your foster care specialist.  We strive to match the right child for you and your family in order for the placement to be a successful one.

As a Therapeutic Foster Parent, Brandi Nichole Family Enrichment Center provides you with:

  • Training
  • Financial Reimbursement
  • Extra Training + support as needed
  • A Professional Support Team available to you 24/7/365

How do you get started?

We realize becoming a Therapeutic Foster Parent is a big decision. If you would like to learn more, please complete our inquiry form today and a member of our team will promptly be in touch with you.

We also frequently have educational open houses. Please visit our Facebook, Instagram or give us a call to learn about upcoming events.