Back to School Tips for Foster Parents

From Our Clinical Director

I hope everyone has had a great summer as it is quickly coming to an end.  We are looking forward to hearing about the great adventures and trips that many of you took. Well school is starting back and as much as parents say they are glad and the children say they are ready to go back, changing from one routine to another can be stressful. We have children with great potential; remember every situation is an opportunity for teaching.   A lot of times our kids are angry and they have great reason to be.  In many cases, life has not been fair to them, they have things going on within their body and brain that they don’t understand and they do not know how to control themselves.

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The Man

There once was a man and he was in a dark room.  He had been in that room all his life.  Nobody knew he existed, but the people who put him there and God.  One day a person happened along this path that was not part of any map.  Out of curiosity the person wondered down the path and found an old abandoned house.  The person knocked on the door and no one answered.  The person could not explain the overwhelming urge to go into the house, and started to walk away.  The problem is that walking away was so difficult.  There was something inside the person that would not let him leave.  The person went into the house and there was nothing in sight.  When they turned around to leave there was a door and a sound coming from behind it.  Out of concern that there could be an animal trapped inside or someone in need, the person goes to the door and says is there anyone in there.  No one answers, but there is sound.  Again, drawn by The Spirit the person opens the door and inside the door is a man.  He is dirty, smells really bad and is fearful of the person.  The man goes into the corner, sits down and then balls up in a fetal position.

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The Fight with Type 1 Diabetes through the Eyes of Brandi’s Mother

“No child deserves to be sick.  No family deserves to have to watch their child suffer and not be able to help. Everything you do does matter.”  -Karen Cowan

My name is Karen Cowan and I am the mother of a child, Brandi Nichole, who was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at age 10.  In the beginning it was not so bad.  Neither she nor I had a clear understanding of what had really happened or the toll that it would take on her life and mine.  My daughter was a very vibrant, creative 10 year old. Our lives changed as we began to meet with doctors and dieticians who gave us the list of can dos and cannot dos.  She struggled with having to check her blood sugar with a machine and then give herself a shot.  My greatest fear was that something would happen to her and I would not be there.  I tried to educate the people she was going to be around the best I could, but all I could do was pray that they would respond appropriately when needed.

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