Back to School Tips for Foster Parents

From Our Clinical Director

I hope everyone has had a great summer as it is quickly coming to an end.  We are looking forward to hearing about the great adventures and trips that many of you took. Well school is starting back and as much as parents say they are glad and the children say they are ready to go back, changing from one routine to another can be stressful. We have children with great potential; remember every situation is an opportunity for teaching.   A lot of times our kids are angry and they have great reason to be.  In many cases, life has not been fair to them, they have things going on within their body and brain that they don’t understand and they do not know how to control themselves.

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Holidays and the Pressures They Bring

From Our Clinical Director – Karen Cowan 

It is time we start preparing ourselves for the Holidays which are approaching quickly.  The holidays for us are full of joy, cheer, parties, and family gatherings; however, it is not that way for our children.  Start preparing yourself by pampering yourself a little, make sure you have some you time and for married couples make sure that you have a date night.  This will prepare you to be more grounded and prepared for the behaviors that our children can display over the holiday season.

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