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A Christmas Poem

One of our foster children has been blessed with the gift to write, here is a Christmas poem she recently wrote for our Holiday newsletter:

My Favorite Time of the Year 

Christmas is my favorite time of the year,

With all those lit up dancing deer

Shining in my neighbors yards so bright,

Oh my gosh what a beautiful sight!


All those carols on the radio,

Just remind me of those times under the mistletoe

And remember the old glory

Of Gramps telling Christmas stories.


Oh how I can’t wait

To stay up oh so late

On Christmas Eve

So I could see and believe

That old Saint Nick

Wasn’t playing that trick

And show himself to me.


But now I am so sleepy

Now my eyes are getting weepy

I try to stay awake

Oh but my eyes do ache.


And I’m sorry to ole Saint Nick

But you win again with you old trick

But you know what Christmas is still

My favorite time of the year!


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