Human Trafficking is Real and It Happens Here

When we think of human sex trafficking, most of our first thoughts go to those young girls overseas who are being kidnapped and taken from their love ones. Or we think of “prostitutes” as troubled youth who ran away from home. This article and video breaks both of those mindsets: New Jersey Teen spent 36 hours in the world of Sex Trafficking

Trafficking is alive and well today and is happening in our back yard. Young boys and girls are being targeted in the mall or at school. They are being told by the wrong people that they are beautiful and should be models. They are being comforted and listened to by men who say they will help their situation be better. They are becoming dependent on these guys and afraid to ask for help. We have to help. We have to find a way to lower the demand and save more lives. We have to find a way to help the children’s mental state after being rescued so they will not return.

We are determined to be an avenue of hope for survivors of Human sex trafficking, but we cannot do it alone. If you would like to help us or learn more information, please call 828-687-3776.  

Together we can be a solution. Together we can save lives. Together we can bring hope.