Our Programs

The Brandi Nichole Family Enrichment Center is a therapeutic foster care agency that helps families who have members with mental illnesses and are fighting not to be defined by a diagnosis or a disease. We also honor families who have lost loved ones and acknowledge their pain. As an agency we want to you to know that your family does matter and we will assist you and your family in being healthy, happy and whole. Here are the areas in which we provide assistance to families in our community:

Therapeutic Foster Care

It is a service provided for children who have mental health needs such as a diagnosis of bi-polar, post traumatic stress, ADHD or other mental health diagnosis. They have difficulty functioning because of their condition causing problems at school, home and/or the community. Children are placed with trained foster parents to assist them in developing skills needed to learn how to live with or eliminate their diagnosis. The foster parents and parents work together as a team. The child does not need involvement from the Department of Social Services in order to get help. If you are a parent or guardian looking for help in this area, click here to learn more about our Therapeutic Foster Care Services.

Foster Parents Trained to Assist with Mental Health and Medical Issues

Our foster homes consist of parents who are trained to work with children who have particular diagnosis. They are also able to work with children who have medical issues and our agency has 24-hour access to registered nurses to assist with any medical situation. If you are interested in opening your home and hearts as foster parents, click here to learn more about Becoming a Therapeutic Foster Parent.

Respite Care and Family Support

Respite care is for children who still live at home with their biological families or with foster parents. Respite Care is when children do not need to be out of the home long term, but there are some issues behaviorally, physically or emotionally that cause a great deal of stress for all involved. Respite is a break for the child and the family that allows some breathing room so parents can gain perspective and assistance in dealing with their situation. Respect Care can be for a couple of hours or a few days. Click here to learn more about our Respite Care and Family Support Services or about becoming a Respite Care Provider.