Respite Care and Family Support


Respite Care is when children do not need to be out of the home long term, but there are some issues behaviorally, physically or emotionally that cause a great deal of stress for all involved. Respite is a break for the child and the family which can be for a couple of hours or a few days.

We understand that living with mental illness and physical illness can put a great deal of strain on the family and we want to support families by giving all members the time necessary to rest, rejuvenate, and engage in self-care practices.

Respite Care is not just for children with mental illness. Do you have a child with type I Diabetes, severe asthma or other chronic illnesses and you are afraid to leave your child because of it? We have foster parents that receive training specific to your child’s needs so you can have peace of mind that if there is a crisis we can handle it. The foster parents have 24 hour access to nursing services and our nurses have communicated with your child’s doctor to understand your child’s medical needs. Our agency will also meet with you the family to receive instructions and hear your concerns. We want to liberate you and your child from this illness by giving you what every parent needs, time to yourself.

We want to be part of your team!