FAQs About Foster Care & How It Helps Families

What is therapeutic foster care?

Therapeutic foster care is when children are placed in the care of foster parents because they are having some some issues and the family needs a little extra help to learn how to cope.

Why should I place my child in foster care?

You may choose to place your child in foster care because he or she is having issues that you’re having difficulty managing. You may have tried counseling and that hasn’t worked. You need more help.

What is the goal of foster care?

The goal is to be able to help your child gain skills to manage his or her diagnosis. It’s also an excellent way to help you learn how to manage as a parent. It’s about providing the support you need to re-unite your familiy.

How does it work?

You are choosing foster care. It’s not something that’s being forced on you.  You meet the family and you decide if you feel comfortable with the family. You have access to your child at any time. You can pull them out any time. The idea is that you are working in partnership with the foster parents – they are not working independent of you.

How long does foster care last?

Your child can be in the custody of foster parents for a short time or a long time depending on the need.

What are some additional things I should know about therapeutic foster care?

It’s important to remember you are not a failure as a parent. The goal is to restore and support your family.  Parents develop such a strong relationship with the foster care parents that afterwards turns into a natural, supportive relationship.