Providing Award-Winning Therapeutic Foster Care for Referral Agencies

Thank you for partnering with the Brandi Nichole Family Enrichment Center to fight for stronger families in our community.  Karen Cowan here, and on behalf of my team, and our “rock star” foster families, I want to thank you for joining me in the fight for strong families through loving homes.

As you are sitting there reading this, you’re going to realize why our partnership brings value in a tough and cynical world. Often times, it almost feels like the deck is stacked against us.  I know that in the last 28 years, I’ve learned a lot of lessons that I’d not like to repeat.  In fact, since starting our agency on January 1, 2000, we’ve been through a lot of the same frustrations you are facing today:

  • Households Out of Compliance: We know this struggle all too well.  We’ve made mistakes in the past that favored placement over the “right fit.”  When this happened, we were mad as we flushed days down the drain trying to track down the reports and paperwork that would have been done by the families and the agencies if they were passionate about this being a win-win solution.
  • Non-Responsive Families: We’ve struggled with not having open and responsive communication with our parents; which made me sad to know that the kids were not getting the attention they needed.
  • Ineffective Approaches: I’ve even fought with parents so they would follow through with treatment recommendations that are in the best interest of the child’s mental health.  I was confused as rogue families made selfish choices that wasted taxpayer money and damaged the reputation of otherwise stellar foster care programs.

That’s the advantage of cutting your teeth as a foster parent in 1986 (28-years ago).  I was so passionate about standing in the gap for children that didn’t have an advocate; I started the Brandi Nichole Family Enrichment Center in 2000.  In the last 14-years, I’ve seen a lot; so not much surprises me anymore.  And, I’ve designed the procedures we use to avoid the most common challenges we’ve both experienced.

With our focus and dedication we’re able to:

  • Save time  and money by being ahead of the compliance curve.
  • Advocate for the children and strong families by being available for those on our team – including the referral agencies (like you).
  • Build up the reputation of the foster care communityby providing award-winning care.
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