Respite Care

There are times when we all need some respite, a short period of rest or relief from difficult and challenging responsibilities. Parenting children with any type of mental illness can be difficult and challenging. Here at Brandi Nichole, we offer respite care for both biological and foster families. 

Living with and raising children with a mental health condition can put a great deal of strain on your family and your child. Through our services, we offer you and your family the support needed by giving all members the time necessary to rest, rejuvenate, and engage in self-care practices.

Respite Care is available to you when a child does not need to be removed from a home long-term, but when one could benefit from some temporary space, especially when navigating behavioral, physical or emotional stress. 

The opportunity for respite provides families with some much-needed space, whether it’s for a couple of hours or even a few days.

Our respite care families and caregivers receive training specific to your child’s needs so you can have peace of mind knowing we can handle any crisis that may arise. Our respite care families also have 24-hour access to nursing services. Before your time of respite, our nurses will communicate with your child’s doctor to understand your child’s specific medical needs. 

Our agency will also meet with you and your family to receive instructions and hear your concerns. We want to liberate you and your child from this illness by giving you what every parent needs, time to yourself.

Raising a child takes a village and we are ready to be a part of your team! Click here or on the “Get Started” button to send us a request.