Ways You Can Support Brandi Nichole

Thank you for your interest in supporting the mission of Brandi Nichole Family Enrichment Center. Your support allows us to serve families throughout the Greater Asheville area.

There are multiple ways for Asheville-area community members to become involved in our work and provide support for families and children struggling with mental and physical health challenges.

Our current needs are: 

  • Tutors for children who have academic difficulties;
  • Child care services during foster parent training;
  • Support for families during holidays and birthdays;
  • Physical use of meeting space for trainings, especially meeting areas that are more centrally located;
  • Clothing donations (please contact us for exact needs at the moment);
  • Furniture (please contact us for exact needs at the moment);
  • Mentoring;
  • Foster family recruitment;
  • Supplies, gifts and venues for birthday and holiday parties;
  • Emotional support person for parents;
  • Tech support;
  • Office support, administrative tasks; and
  • Corporate and Church partnerships.

Just click here or on the “Support Us Now” button to get started.