About The Joseph Initiative

The Joseph Initiative collaborates with local businesses and organizations to build programs for youth in our communities. All programs offered by The Joseph Initiative focus on similarities and allow our participants to become better-equipped to thrive and care for themselves and others.

Each program offered by The Joseph Initiative invites our youth to explore, be creative, and have fun with engaging activities while learning valuable skills for career development. Through an immersive experience, they develop new skills, self-confidence, and the ability to see all the possibilities the vast world has to offer them. 

Their Program:

  • Develops meaningful collaboration with members of the community
  • Provides mentoring
  • Develops essential life skills
  • Fosters career pathways and/or entrepreneurship
  • Develops leadership skills and problem-solving skills; and 
  • Builds relationships

To learn more about or become involved in The Joseph Initiative’s programs, please visit their web site at www.josephcommunitycenter.org. The Brandi Nichole Family Enrichment Center collaborates with The Joseph Initiative and asks anyone interested in making a financial contribution to donate to them directly.